Trade stagnation continues as market pain spreads far beyond technology

months ago Selling in the stock market It has accelerated lately, with the pain spreading beyond tech stocks and speculative corners of the market. Lately, even basic consumer goods companies, which were relatively sheltered from the turmoil, have been hit hard. Major indexes are hovering near their lowest levels for the year, with the S&P … Read more

Student mental health crisis

Editor’s Note: In this Show the futureStudents discuss mental health. Next week we will be asking, “Recent shootings have once again increased calls for gun control. Should we tighten gun control as much as the Second Amendment allows? Should we have a constitutional amendment that repeals the original Second Amendment?” Students must click here To … Read more

Opinion: Stay down on the stock – and watch the trend instead of trying to pick the bottom of the market

Last week, the stock market fell again. The bulls attempted to engineer another bullish attempt but again, it was thrown back in their faces, as bears pushed the S&P 500 index to new relative closing lows (although the intraday low was set on May 12th). This is the third strong bullish attempt since April 28 … Read more

The next epidemic: mental illness

A long term for what the United States often does with the mentally ill is “storage”. Out of sight and out of mind. This ends. They are everywhere – on the streets, in our homes, in our schools and prisons. Emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic, America is overflowing with people with a wide range of … Read more

In this economy, shooting requires hard work

To hold a job these days, it seems like a worker needs one basic trait: pulse. Some jobs always require a little more than being able to stay awake. In the narrow labor market Within half a century, people may pass into higher positions just by going through the motions as well. “You have to … Read more

Alabama State football coach Nick Saban accuses other schools of “buying” players with names, photos, and likeness deals

Birmingham, Ala. (AFP) — Alabama coach Nick Saban called on Texas A&M Wednesday night to “buy” players in the top-rated hiring category with deals of name, image and likeness, saying the Crimson Tide soccer players took home more than $3 million in Last year “the right way”. “I know the consequences are going to be … Read more

Inflation makes everyone spend more, but it may be the engine to save our money — and our planet

Inflation worries many Americans — a jump in the price of groceries and gas means paying more for fewer items, and potentially restricting any savings in the future. But it could also be an opportunity to rethink daily spending, and perhaps even help the environment. There is a link between consumer spending and climate change. … Read more