What is a bear market? And is Wall Street close to one now?

New York (AFP) – Wall Street investors need a place to hide. stock market slippage This year it has pulled the S&P 500 Index close to what is known as a bear market. High interest rates and high inflationThe war in Ukraine The slowdown in China’s economy has caused investors to reconsider the prices they … Read more

Stocks fell and recession fears. Here’s how to protect your money

This is an updated version of a story previously published on April 28th. When it comes to nerves, this spring really does excel. Stores Now in bear market territory. interest rates – And Corona virus cases – They climb. economic inflation still high. geopolitical turmoil continuous. All together excite Recession fears. Financial resources no one … Read more

Fuel is a problem for business and consumers – why prices are so high

A sign displays gas prices at a gas station on May 10, 2022 in San Mateo County, California. Liu Guangan | China News Service | Getty Images It’s impossible to overlook the skyrocketing price of gasoline and right in the head of consumers’ minds as big billboards advertise that gas is now $4, $5 and … Read more

What does stagflation mean and what Biden can do about it

Some warn that the Federal Reserve’s efforts to slow inflation may return the US economy to the unusual state in which it found itself during the 1970s and early 1980s: stagflation. The Big Picture: Despite the high rates of inflation, the US economy is progressing rapidly The unemployment rate was 3.6% in April – close … Read more

Inflation makes everyone spend more, but it may be the engine to save our money — and our planet

Inflation worries many Americans — a jump in the price of groceries and gas means paying more for fewer items, and potentially restricting any savings in the future. But it could also be an opportunity to rethink daily spending, and perhaps even help the environment. There is a link between consumer spending and climate change. … Read more

New Zealand distributes additional funds to combat the “inflation storm” | Health, medicine and fitness

By Nick Perry – The Associated Press Wellington, New Zealand (AFP) – The New Zealand government said Thursday it will distribute a few hundred extra dollars to more than two million low-income adults to help them navigate what it describes as the “peak of a global inflation storm”. The payments are part of a package … Read more

Asian stocks follow Wall Street’s inflation-driven decline

Tokyo (AFP) – Shares in Asia fell sharply on Thursday after a broad decline on Wall Street triggered by dismal results from major retailers renewed concerns about the impact of high inflation. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng led the declines, dropping 3.1%, while Tokyo’s Nikkei 225 was down 2.7%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more … Read more