Child star ‘Jaws’ appointed city police chief where the movie was filmed

From co-acting in “Jaws” to law enforcement. Jonathan Searle has been appointed as the new chief of police in Oak Bluffs – 47 years after he filmed Steven Spielberg’s famous shark trauma in the same Massachusetts town best known by the fictional name Amity in the classic summer movie. His appointment sparked an uproar when … Read more

Duolingo under fire for Amber Heard’s ‘insensitive’ joke against Johnny Depp

This joke has not been translated. Duolingo language learning app came under fire after its social media team left ‘insensitive’ sarcasm About Amber Heard Below is a viral TikTok video. On Tuesday, NBC News uploaded Clip to TikTok The Heard Show is being questioned at Popular ejaculation trial Where she is being sued by ex-husband … Read more

Agent and business manager chart the rise and fall of Johnny Depp

Three people who were close to Johnny Depp on Thursday painted a chart of the actor’s rise and fall from “the world’s biggest movie star” to a man plagued by drugs, money and the ability to appear on set on time. Testifying at the request of lawyers representing Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard was a longtime … Read more

The New Star Wars Movies Explained By Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy

“We are moving on from Skywalker sAgha,” says Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. So no more ray?picture: Lucas Film Now this RIt’s the Skywalker Saga Exactly finished he is a star Wars Movie? it’s a question Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy It was agreement with On a daily basis for years. Things on the flow side flow … Read more