Child star ‘Jaws’ appointed city police chief where the movie was filmed

From co-acting in “Jaws” to law enforcement. Jonathan Searle has been appointed as the new chief of police in Oak Bluffs – 47 years after he filmed Steven Spielberg’s famous shark trauma in the same Massachusetts town best known by the fictional name Amity in the classic summer movie. His appointment sparked an uproar when … Read more

Het Hem launches OMA / AMO . exhibition

The OMA/AMO show at Het Hem explores our balance with nature We tour Het Hem’s latest exhibition, “Chapter 5IVE”, in collaboration with OMA’s Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, Director of AMO Het Hem’s latest exhibition “Chapter 5IVE” is the result of long conversations between curator Rieke Vos, Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, Director … Read more

North Korea shuns foreign aid as COVID disaster looms | Corona virus pandemic news

Hwaseong, South Korea – Like any other country, North Korea can do help against COVID-19. The country’s population is not immune and susceptible to disease due to chronic malnutrition. The crumbling health care system lacks supplies of essential medicines and equipment. But even as North Korea faces the prospect of a humanitarian catastrophe amid the … Read more

Ukrainian medic footage captured by war-torn Mariupol

A Ukrainian doctor chronicled her life-saving efforts in war-ravaged Mariupol using a small data card that was later smuggled out of the country in a tampon by daring reporters. Yulia Bayevska, who was eventually captured by Russian soldiers, was originally given a body camera to shoot a Netflix documentary. Invictus Gamesan international sporting event for … Read more

Investor Day Ban 2022 Talks About Bitcoin

Block’s overarching goal is to advance global economic empowerment, and Bitcoin plays a central role in that mission, CEOs said during the company’s first investor day since 2017 on Wednesday. Amrita Ahuja, lead in finance at Block, said during the online event after a statement that the company has “believed that Bitcoin will have a … Read more