Two Texas Republicans vote against a bill to help poor mothers get formula milk

Subscribe to the feedOur daily newsletter that keeps readers up to date with the most important Texas news. WASHINGTON — Two Texas Republicans were among a small number of House members Wednesday to vote against a bill that would help women and children with federal help access more formula brand options. The legislation passed with … Read more

What is a bear market? And is Wall Street close to one now?

New York (AFP) – Wall Street investors need a place to hide. stock market slippage This year it has pulled the S&P 500 Index close to what is known as a bear market. High interest rates and high inflationThe war in Ukraine The slowdown in China’s economy has caused investors to reconsider the prices they … Read more

How gas interests have slowed Chile’s clean energy transition

RIO DE JANEIRO (AFP) – Chile positions itself as a world leader in climate change. Roughly 22% of Chile’s electricity is generated by solar and wind farms, putting it well ahead of the world average, 10%, and United State, by 13%. It was one of the first countries to announce a renewable energy target in … Read more

Michael Sussman trial: Testimony from a former FBI official supports the case of Durham v. Clinton campaign lawyer

James Baker, former general counsel of the FBI, Watch Durham’s Most Importantbefore a jury in Washington, D.C., about his September 2016 meeting with Sussman, in which Sussman passed on information about Trump. Sussman has pleaded not guilty to one count of lying to the FBI — specifically that he falsely told Baker that he was … Read more

Biden is turning his attention back to Asia after months of focusing on Russia’s war in Ukraine

Biden’s discontinuation of two loyal US allies – South Korea and Japan – is intended to bolster partnerships at a moment of global instability. While Biden and his team have spent much of their time and resources on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, provocations from North Korea have intensified and China continues to project its … Read more

Biden says Finland and Sweden have “full, full and complete support” for the United States in their bid to join NATO

“Today, I am proud to welcome and provide the strong support of the United States for the implementation of two great democracies and close, highly capable partners to join the strongest and most powerful defense alliance in world history,” Biden said. Standing alongside Finnish President Sauli Niinistö and Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson. The US … Read more

The body camera of the captive medic shows the horror of Mariupol

By Vasilisa Stepanenko and Laurie Hennant May 19, 2022 GMT KHARKIV, Ukraine (AFP) – A famous Ukrainian doctor recorded her time in Mariupol on a data card no larger than a miniature, smuggled into the world in a tampon. It is now in the hands of Russia, at a time when Mariupol itself was … Read more

Senate votes on $40 billion aid package for Ukraine

the scale passed the house Earlier this month, once it is passed by the Senate, it will go to President Joe Biden to be signed into law. The legislation provides funds for military and humanitarian aid, including funding to assist the Ukrainian military and national security forces, help replenish warehouses of US equipment sent to … Read more

Society concerned about gap in mental health services | News

CITY TRAVEL – A shock wave hit Grand Traverse County two weeks ago when county commissioners voted to end the relationship with the Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority. Customers worry about disruption to services and employees worry about their jobs and their customers. Justin Reed, of Traverse City, is a recipient of services and … Read more

Latest news about Russia and the war in Ukraine

The Red Cross reported that hundreds of prisoners of war in Azovstal were registered A screenshot from a video released by the Russian Defense Ministry shows that Ukrainian soldiers are evacuated from the Azovstal steel plant in the port city of Mariupol, Ukraine, on May 17, 2022. Russian Ministry of Defense | Anadolu Agency | … Read more