Student mental health crisis

Editor’s Note: In this Show the futureStudents discuss mental health. Next week we will be asking, “Recent shootings have once again increased calls for gun control. Should we tighten gun control as much as the Second Amendment allows? Should we have a constitutional amendment that repeals the original Second Amendment?” Students must click here To … Read more

Mental health issues are the common denominator in many violent incidents

A man accused of making threats is being taken out and the police and SWAT teams taken out and Procter & Gamble shut down for one day, and over the past 18 months there have been several mental seizures that have led to confrontations with the police, but his case is nothing unusual. “All you … Read more

Why Sarah Fay retracted her doctors’ names

My first diagnosis came at the age of twelve. I haven’t eaten much in months, then I haven’t eaten anything for four days, and then I can’t keep down food or water. In the car on the way to the hospital, my mother grabbed the steering wheel and yelled, “What do you think you’re doing?” … Read more

Depp and Heard’s experiment uses mental health terms

Teens today live in a world completely different from the world their parents grew up in. Not only do young people have access to technologies that previous generations could barely dream of, but they are also constantly bombarded with information from the news and media. Today’s young people are also living through a pandemic that … Read more

Tennis players in Iowa City West leave the team after feeling intimidated by the coach

Iowa City, Iowa (KCRG) – Eight of the nine eligible players from the Iowa City West girls’ tennis team chose not to return. West High was one of the top teams in girls’ tennis in 2021, going to the state championship. Three players from this team said their coach, Aimee Villarini, was intimidating, made them … Read more

‘Waiting for days’: RI mental health patients stuck in emergency room waiting for help

Providence, RI (WPRI) – May is Mental health awareness monthBut for those desperately seeking help, state data shows it can take hours, or even days, before they receive treatment. “It’s definitely an acute problem that we’re having right now,” said Andrea McGinn, chief nursing officer at Butler Hospital. Almost every day, dozens of people are … Read more